Evolve the divine within, through self-care, Sacred ceremony and community


April 19th - April  21st 2024

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A journey to self is a personal exploration and discovery of oneself. It involves examining one's beliefs, values, and identity in order to gain a deeper understanding of who they are and what they want in life. This journey may involve introspection, self-reflection, and self-awareness, as well as seeking guidance and support from others. The journey to self can be a challenging and sometimes uncomfortable process as it often requires confronting aspects of oneself that may be difficult to face. However, it can also be a rewarding and transformative experience that leads to personal growth, increased self-esteem, and a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. Ultimately, the journey to self is a lifelong process that involves continuous self-reflection and growth. Experience self-care, sacred ceremony and community, while you  embody your soul's purpose through deep self reflection, earth medicine and embodiment practices which will permit you to completely dive into your healing journey with an open heart! During this retreat you will gain access to your innermost wisdom, reconnect with your divinity and create the life you deserve. Our integrative approach to self awareness includes nourishing and delicious Ayurvedic meals, movement, sound healing, Ayurvedic lifestyle practices, sacred ceremony, nature, integration circles, ecstatic dance, community and restoration! This retreat is facilitated by Sacred plant medicine healer, yoga instructor and reiki practitioner Brandy Gibson. Theta healing instructor, energy and sound healer Lara Arguijo and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Panchakarma specialist Sanja Ororpeza.

Join us for our Journey to Self Retreat, a transformative experience!

This is a LIMITED CAPACITY retreat and spots are anticipated to go quickly, so reserve your space now! Click here to complete your journey application so that we can ensure this experience is in alignment for you. Serious inquiries only please! 

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Experience 3 days of enriching offerings!

Retreat Schedule

Community, Self-Care & Ceremony 

DAY ONE- FRIDAY April 19th

  • 5:30 PM Check-In + Welcoming,  Orientation. 
  • Ayurvedic meal  + Opening Ceremony + Cacao Ceremony + Sound Healing
  • Mindfulness Activities 
  • Unwind Time


  • Ayurvedic Morning Rituals + Yoga + Ayurvedic Meals + Meditation + Ayurvedic Wellness + Mindfulness Activities + Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony 
  • Integrative Bodywork 
  • Rest & Reflection 


  • Ayurvedic Morning Rituals + Forgiveness Meditation
  • Ayurvedic Breakfast 
  • Integration  + Closing Ceremony 
  • Integrative Bodywork 
  • Reflection, Rest and Community
  • Full Moon Ecstatic Dance 



Enjoy delicious nourishing Ayurvedic meals with seasonal ingredients lovingly prepared by Sanja. Vegetarian & Vegan options available. All dietary restrictions will be considered upon request.

Rooms: We offer a variety of accommodations suited to different needs and price points starting at $1,300 per person.  Rooms inspire relaxation and serve as the perfect home away from home during your retreat. 

This retreat is 21+ and Is an ALL INCLUSIVE community, affirmatively welcomes ALL genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religions, and abilities.


"I don’t know where to start with my experience at Journey to Self Retreat but I suppose most importantly I would thank the three magical women that held such amazing space for all of us! It was truly a powerful experience and each facilitator offered something uniquely special and healing. While I have done ceremony before, this was my first retreat experience and it’s next level. To be completely taken care of for several days really allows for deeper healing. From having intentional Ayurvedic meals prepared, to the education of our doshas, the cacao ceremony, sound healing and yoga, it felt like the most nurturing space one could be in to take on a deep inner journey. The container of other participants instantly felt like old friends and the genuine support each person was giving each other created such a comfortable space to be vulnerable. To be seen and held is so vital to our healing and I can honestly say there wasn’t a moment the whole weekend where I did not feel supported in that way. The integration post ceremony was beautifully detailed and thought out along with the follow up gathering. This is such an important piece to plant medicine and I’m so grateful for the focus that was placed on it.
The experience before and after ceremony, to me is equally as important as what was shown by the medicine. Because it is in fact, part of the journey.
I deeply trust these women and I would highly recommend this stay corriente to anyone who feels called to work with plant medicine in an intentional way. I am forever grateful for this experience, and forever changed."  

-Amber Muse

"The collaboration between Brandy, Lara, and Sanja is magical! They created a loving and nurturing space to allow healing to happen. I felt safe to be open to the process. And that is not something that’s easy for me! The entire weekend was thoughtfully and lovingly planned.I have a newfound gratitude for my life and my body. I would definitely attend again" 

 - A guest from Sept 2023 Journey to Self Retreat

"As part of my healing journey, one of my biggest realizations was that I don't have to do this work alone. There were many more. My drive home from the retreat was surreal as the faces, voices, music and visions of the weekend floated around me. How is it possible for strangers to connect so quickly? Each person brought their own unique gifts and attributes to the experience. Each ceremony and moment of self reflection made the whole weekend profound. This retreat provides better alternatives for dealing with our complicated lives.

-Sarita, Sept 2023 Journey to Self Retreat Guest


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Accommodations & Exchange

All Inclusive Wellness Retreat

Full bed, shared room = $1,300 (only two spots at this rate)

Private room king bed single occupancy = $1,500 Double Occupancy $2,480

$300 Non refundable deposit due upon registration to guarantee your spot. 

 60 day Cancellation Policy 

Full bed, shared room available for group of 4 people inquire for pricing 

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE RETREAT * 60 min Integrative Body Work 


Click here to reserve your space.

All payments can be made through Venmo and Zelle. 

 Payment is non-refundable 60 days prior to the event.  100% refund, minus deposit if you cancel before February 19th. 

There will be absolutely no refunds, credits or roll-overs if you cancel after February 19th

(with exceptions of positive covid test from a doctor)

We are committed to maintaining the integrity and safety of our retreat for all our guests and staff members. 

We  have the right to refuse service or cancel at anytime.

If you have further questions contact: journeytoself8@gmail.com


Sacred Plant Medicines are often referred to as entheogens meaning "generating the Divine within." These Plant Medicines have the power to awaken you to higher perspectives and allow a deep cleansing of your Psyche, followed by a strong connection to your true self and your greater life purpose.


Cacao Ceremonies are a heart healing ritual that opens the heart through the use of cacao. Our opening ceremony will include a Cacao ceremony where we set intention and honor the Cacao's spirit, through meditation and chanting to release stored emotions/energy from the heart space.


Sound Healing influences our emotional bodies as well as our physical bodies and when we heal our emotional bodies, our physical bodies  are giving permission to let go of what no longer is serving us. To support your healing journey Lara will conclude our opening ceremony with a heart revitalizing sound healing.


Savor healing and nourishing Ayurvedic meals prepared with love from fresh seasonal ingredients to enhance your healing process, including Kitchari, homemade nut milk, Full Moon Ghee and herbal tea bar! All meals will be vegetarian and prepared with love for your highest healing potential.  All dietary restrictions will be considered upon request.


Ayurveda is the Soulful practice of self awareness, self reflection and self care. Embracing Ayurvedic practices and daily rituals encourages us to carve out time for ourselves and cultivate self love, self acceptance!  During this workshop you will learn Ayurvedic practices to bring balance and joy into your life through self care practices, meditation and breathwork.


Massage, energy healing, and sound, aim to facilitate a deeper sense of connection to one's self and the greater spiritual dimension. Experience a profound sense of well-being, inner peace, and alignment with one's higher self. . April Trovada will be offering  sessions on Saturday & Sunday.  A 60 min integrated session is included in your experience! 

Journey with us! 

Shift from an ordinary life into an extraordinary existence.






Integrative Body work  INCLUDED

Luxury house in Joshua Tree

Outdoor Jacuzzi & Dipping Pools

Outdoor dining area

Outdoor lounge sitting area

Star Gazing

Yoga Room 

Mindful  Activities  



Mountain Views


 Make a difference in YourSelf

Not included:

Transportation, Tips, Shuttle Service, 3rd day lunch and dinner,  and Travel Insurance

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